Our Story

Our Story

a day with tlc

Why Tapestry?

A tapestry is s a picture woven in different coloured threads.  It can be multi-layered, complex and rich in colour and hue.

Each person’s life is a tapestry; it reflects who we are today, at this very moment. The picture that people see when they look at us consists of all the threads woven into our life’s tapestry from past events; past relationships; past encounters.  It represents people who have touched our lives since we were born. Some we have met, some we have never known; all whom left a thread, an impression that created the image of who we are, today.  There are thousands of colours woven throughout, all different shades, light to dark.   And the weavers,  who have woven threads into our tapestry, whether they be dark or bright.   That all of our futures is simply a matter of weaving in new threads, that the colours can and will change.  There will be shadows woven in as well, but these only define the brightest colours of who we are; who we choose to be.

Philosophy & Mission

At Tapestry Day Club, we are passionate that the threads that we weave into your tapestry, and those that you weave in ours, to be brightly coloured and rich in texture. Our guiding principle and ideology is to ensure that our integrity runs through the fabric of our service offering, that our Hosts live the ‘TDC philosophy’ of delivering the utmost in  support, care, attention, warmth, love and above all in providing a fun, socially stimulating  and friendly experience each and every day. We believe that care matters and our core mission is  committing to providing the highest quality day support for those who feel socially isolated and dementia-friendly day care for those who may be experiencing memory loss or early stages of dementia.  We want to support our guests by providing this unique type of day support in Sussex and Surrey, so that they are able to  remain in their own homes for as long as they possibly can.

The Story so far

Tapestry Day Club began its journey at the end of 2019.  We were excited to open our doors in early January, welcoming our first guests to Anderley’s beautiful home in Rowhook.  Our team was joined by another two hosts who were ready and trained when March 2020 came along and we had to shut our doors.  We stayed in regular touch with our guests and hosts, worked hard in the back ground to work with the local communities offering our support where we could.  During Summer 2020, we opened our doors again though very tentatively, our guests were nervous as we were, but nonetheless we enjoyed some summer days in the gardens of our hosts.

And then, it was clear that things were not getting better, COVID numbers were rising and once again we were told to stay at home.  However, we were fortunate to have been awarded some amazing funds from the National Lottery Coronavirus Fund so we made the decision to suspend our day clubs and go online.  We used the funds to rent digital tablets, initially for our current guests, not only for us to stay connected but also for them to connect wider to their families and friends.  At the same time, we brought our guests together in small groups weekly over Zoom to enjoy a virtual tea party.  They enjoyed cakes and goodies, baked by our team of wonderful bakers who delivered direct to our guests’ front doors with a valuable check in and chat.  We were soon joined by more and more guests using their own devices (laptops, ipads etc) and an amazing team of Zoom hosts who connected from as far away as Holland and London.

In March, as the weather started to improve and our guests were getting out and about once again, albeit it cautiously, we looked ahead as to when we could reopen our doors and return back to our core mission of offering small group supportive days in our hosts’ homes.

We are now back to ‘business as normal’ or at least as near normal as we can, making sure we follow all Government guidelines, and have welcomed another 4 hosts to our team.  Watch this space!  Our story and our support of the older people and their carers in our communities will continue to grow.