Another reason to nurture nature

Gardening is a hobby that gives incredible joy to millions. Now it looks like it may help to stave off dementia, too, regardless of wealth and education, according to the newly published paper Journal of Environmental Psychology.

The research project by Edinburgh University psychologists tracked more than 450 children born in 1921 in the Edinburgh area from the age of 11 to 79 with regular lifestyle and brain-health tests.

The researchers found that those who spent time gardening had better brain function in later life than those who did not. Of more than 450 tested, almost 30% had never gardened in their lives, but 44% still did regularly into old age.

It concludes: “These results identify a promising new line of inquiry for understanding the lifestyle factors that may promote successful cognitive ageing.”

Here at Tapestry Day Club, our hosts entertain guests in their own family homes and encourage them to enjoy their gardens. Some make full use of “flower power”, also using them to create artwork.

Tapestry Day Club host and guests enjoying the garden picking flowers

Making a card from flowers at Tapestry Day Club